Interactive Financial Reporting & Forecasting with Power BI

Learn how to make financial reporting and scenario-based forecasting thru Power BI. Know how to work with features like bookmarks, tool-tips, What-if parameters and interactions to enhance your business reporting in Power BI.

  • Aimed at: Beginner to Intermediate level users
  • Software used: Power BI Desktop
  • Type of class: Lab + hands-on. Delegates are expected to bring their computers and follow along.
  • Material: Soft copies of workbooks, datasets and supporting PDFs will be provided after the masterclass
  • Preparation materials: Free 2-hour video crash course will be provided to beginner level users. They need to complete this before attending the masterclass.

In this one-day masterclass, learn how to make Power BI based financial dashboards, scenario-based forecasts and tell compelling stories. This will be our brief agenda for the day.
  • A quick introduction to Power BI
  • Case study 1: ACME Inc. Annual Budget Story
    • Overview of the case data
    • Exploring various visuals to tell the 2019 budget story, comparison with 2018 & 2017 actual values
    • Making simple DAX measures
    • Adding tool-tips to enhance the reports
  • Case study 2: Planning your retirement – Savings projection thru Power BI
    • Retirement saving data & calculations
    • Making data model thru Power Query
    • Creating necessary DAX measures
    • Adding what-if parameters
    • Making visuals and playing with options