Frédéric Le Guen

Monsieur Formule d'Excel

Frederic is a trainer, consultant, speaker and author of numerous books about Excel. Microsoft MVP from 2011.

He is Excel guru, Data Analyst and Data Mining Expert. He has worked for major industrial IT projects in sectors as varied as finance, insurance, automobile, online games, telecommunications, aviation industry.

His expertise is mainly in:

  • Power BI analyses
  • Merging multi-source to create analytics system
  • Migrate/Update Macros to new tools (like Power Query)
  • Conception of complex dashboard
  • Dashboard creating and administration
  • VBA code for Microsoft Excel
  • Data Science especially to analyse GPS Data

Frederic LE GUEN knows the best examples to explain easily most of the functions or tools in Excel. He is an Excel tips & tricks addict and Shortcuts experts. He will show you a lot of this tricks during his session.

Frederic also manage the YouTube channel – ExcelExercise (tutorials videos in French and English).

His personal website: Excel Exercise