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Gašper Kamenšek is a Microsoft MVP for Excel and MCSA for BI Reporting. Gašper is a lead author @ Excel Unplugged, where he tries to generously share his knowledge and enthusiasm about Excel. He is a regular speaker at many international conferences in Europe and all around the World. When he is not lecturing Excel, Gašper is busy with various BI projects consisting either of Power Query and PowerPivot, VBA for Excel and increasingly Power BI, which seems to be endless in its variations of applicability. The thing we find most fascinating about Excel is that although we use it every day, it still finds ways to surprise and amaze us.

Gašper lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia where he leads his consulting firm called Excel Olympics.

  • Microsoft MVP for Excel from Slovenia
  • Consultant and Trainer @ ExcelOlympics.com
  • Lead Author @ ExcelUnplugged.com
  • Speaker @ 60+ conferences
  • Trainer with 900+courses
  • Trainer with 7000+ attendees



Excel & Power BI Session 1

The first Excel & Power BI session will be the tribute to the diversity of importing Excel files into Power BI Desktop. We will be touching base on simple Excel imports and just go through the Do’s and Dont’s and dig deep into more complex scenarios for importing Excel files.

  • Simple Excel file imports
  • Items to import
  • Making that Excel import bulletproof
  • Complex scenarios of importing Excel files
  • Importing data from all the sheets of one Excel file
  • Importing from multiple Excel files


Excel & Power BI Session 2

This session will go beyond a simple Power BI Desktop “Power Query” experience of importing Excel Files and show multiple other ways to get data or in some cases parts of the file and in some cases the entire Excel file to the Power BI. This session will include tools like:

  • Power BI Publisher for Excel
  • Uploading Excel files directly to the service
  • Excel Online within the Power BI service
  • Analyze in Excel


Office 365 & Excel Session 1

Office 365 offers quite a few extensions to Excel that are not available in the regular standalone version of Microsoft Office. This first session will look at how the user experience varies between the two versions and why Office 365’s version of Excel is actually Excel vNext. There have been a number of little changes added but now they do add up to a quite different experience and quite a different product. Since many companies are already using Office 365 or will start to use it in the near future, this session will provide a walkthrough of the differences. All will include short demos and some a more in-depth look and a vision of the future. The session will among other differences focus on:

  • New Data Types in Excel
  • The new Array formulas
  • Some upgraded functions
  • Collaboration Story
  • Excel Online
  • Charts


Office 365 & Excel Session 2

Whereas session one of Office 365 & Excel focused on differentiating between Excel 365 and a standalone version of Excel, this session is meant to place Excel within the whole Office 365 package. And this includes so much more than just other products from the Office suite. We will look at the collaboration story between Excel and:

  • Power Apps
  • Flow
  • Forms
  • One Drive for Business
  • SharePoint Online
  • Power BI

This session should really give you a broader picture where Excel is just one piece (the most important one of course) of the Office 365 puzzle and how the whole picture gives you even more options and tools to enhance Excel.



Excel Unplugged

Gašper Kamenšek started Excel Unplugged with one reason only. To help people through the maze of Excel commands and functions and make them better at their everyday tasks in Excel. It was going to start off as a depository for keyboard and mouse Shortcuts, various Tools in Excel with some useful functions and a little bit of VBA. That plan seriously sidetracked with the release of Power Pivot. It sidetracked even more with the release of Power Query. Then along came Power BI. Gašper admits that Power BI is its own product and technology, however, he does not consider it as anything else but an Excel extension.  The whole complex of new technologies and tools became the topic of his writing. Hence, the original idea of Excel Unplugged has transformed a bit since the early beginnings.

Currently, it covers a very broad array of topics varying from Excel to Power BI. Gašper has been recently fiddling around with Power Apps, Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Flow. These are all powerful tools in the Office 365 suite; in combination with Excel, they can make our work much much easier. Gašper believes that these tools will definitely influence the future of the current manner of work.


In Search of the Perfect Data Model

We all keep searching for ways to improve our data models from performance and usability standpoint. This session will include techniques that I’ve learned to improve my data models. Whereas I will use Power BI for all the demos, this is also 100% applicable in Excel. Some of the presented solutions also improve data models […]

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