Jan Karel Pieterse


Jan Karel is the owner of JKP Application Development Services. He develops custom solutions in Microsoft Office. He is a top expert in Microsoft Excel and VBA. He has been granted the Microsoft MVP Award for each consecutive year since 2002, for his outstanding (volunteer) work in newsgroups, forums and for the excellent articles on his website. Worldwide there are approximately 100 Excel MVP’s. Only three of them are Dutch.
Jan Karel is de eigenaar van JKP Application Development Services

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Keeping Your Slicers Synced

Excel Slicers are a very versatile way to synchronize filtering on pivot tables and charts in your reports and dashboards. And if your data model is properly designed they should all work together seamlessly. However, situations may occur where you cannot synchronize slicers using standard filtering if: Your pivot tables don’t share the same data source […]

Data Modelling & Formulas